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Continuous penetration testing

World-leading security experts

Continuous penetration testing managed services combine industry-leading application scanning technology with the knowledge and expertise of senior penetration testing consultants.

Continuous testing

Protect your infrastructure with continuous penetration testing

Ensure maximum coverage of your attack surface. Gain faster insight into vulnerabilities than traditional point-in-time penetration testing, with a continuous cycle of testing and remediation.

Determine risk

Determine and convey business risk

We identify, rank and report, giving guidance and information on real-world risk. Our consultants analyze vulnerabilities as they arise, provide concise and detailed alerts, plus highlight changes made in your environment.

Why continuous penetration testing?

While penetration testing is a proven method to discover vulnerabilities, it is limited to a snapshot in time. Continuous penetration testing is designed to run alongside an existing penetration testing programme, to ensure vulnerabilities don’t go unchecked between engagements.

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