Black Hat 2021

"Had an incredible experience with the Web App Pentesting course. One of the best courses I've ever taken. Cannot recommend this training enough!" Delegate - Black Hat USA 2021.

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World leading security experts

With 20+ years' experience providing cybersecurity services and delivering security training for the biggest brands across the globe, Claranet Cyber Security combines the expertise of Sec-1 and NotSoSecure. Our world-leading security experts are at the cutting edge of capability, yet engage in a friendly and outcome focused way to become an extension of your team.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing

Personal approach and in–depth knowledge
We are known for the expertise of our testers and the quality of our service delivery. Our “NotSoFormal” approach is personal and engaging yet brings significant capability.

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Security training

Security training

Hands-on, lab-based hacking, taught globally
As one of the largest providers of training at the Black Hat conferences, our security training credentials are unmatched. All of our training is live, instructor based and available for remote delivery.

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Continuous Security Testing

Continuous security testing

World leading security experts
Gain insight into vulnerabilities significantly faster than through traditional pen testing, with on-going notifications, as new high-impact issues arise.

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SDLC Consultancy and training

Application security by design

Introducing security into your software development
Our experts will help you integrate the right tools into your software development environment and help you build security into your applications by design. We provide DevSecOps Training and SDLC security consultancy services.

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Securing the cloud

Securing the Cloud

World leading cloud security experts
Moving to the cloud is a big change for your security team. We can test and verify your deployment, and provide cloud security training to ensure your move is a safe one.

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Red teaming

Red Teaming

Think like an adversary
Test a wider attack surface with an all-out ethical hacking exercise. We follow the seven-stage cyber attack lifecycle for a robust and realistic test of your overall security.

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Our customers say...

We are very pleased with their service, pricing and their flexibility.

-- A large software service provider.

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We hack. We teach. We protect.

We are trusted for our research into the very latest cybersecurity threats and this knowledge continually informs all our cybersecurity services. What we learn from testing in the field feeds into our training and vice versa. It's mutually beneficial. Check out our technical blog to see our latest research.

Our accreditations

Cyber essentials
CEH Accreditation
CCISO Accreditation
CISSP Accreditation
CRISC Accreditation
OSCE Accreditation