World-leading security experts

With 17 years’ experience in cybersecurity services, training and innovation for the biggest brands across the globe, Claranet Cyber Security with NotSoSecure deliver a personal and collaborative approach

Security testing

Penetration testing

Personal approach and in–depth knowledge

We make our work together engaging and “NotSoFormal”, personal yet with significant capability. From CREST-approved penetration testing to continuous penetration testing managed services, we are known for the quality of our services.

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Hacking training

Hands-on, lab-based hacking, taught globally

As the Black Hat conferences' most popular hacking training provider, featuring the renowned “Art of Hacking” course, our ethical hacking credentials are unmatched.

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Continuous Penetration testing

Continuous penetration testing

World-leading security experts

Gain insight into vulnerabilities significantly faster than through traditional penetration testing, with on-going vulnerability notifications, as and when new high-impact issues arise.

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Red Team exercises

Test the nightmare scenario

Think big. Test a wider attack surface with an all-out ethical hacking exercise.

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We hack. We teach.

We are trusted for our research into the very latest security threats and this knowledge continually informs all our cybersecurity work. What we learn from penetration testing in the field feeds into our training and vice versa. It's mutually beneficial.

Meet the team who live and breathe cybersecurity

With over 60 penetration testers and a world-renowned security training team – educating over 600 security professionals at Black Hat’s premier Las Vegas event in 2018 – Claranet Cyber Security combines the deep expertise of Sec-1 and NotSoSecure.

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Penetration testing, hacking training and red team exercises