Claranet cyber security

Red team exercises

Test a wider attack surface with an all-out ethical hacking exercise

Think big. Test that nightmare scenario that keeps you up at night.

What are Red team exercises?

A Red Team exercise is an all-out attempt to achieve the defined objectives by any methods available, and usually includes:

Internal and external penetration testing

Internal and external penetration testing

Compromizing wireless networks

Compromising wireless networks

Physical access

Social engineering techniques

How are red team exercises performed?

Red Team exercises are performed using a black-box testing approach where no prior information about the target organization is given. During a Red Team engagement, the defending side is unaware of the exercise and is expected to respond as it would during a genuine attack.

Breaching defences by thinking like the adversary

Claranet Cyber Security follows the seven stage cyberattack lifecycle, coupled with the Mitre ATT&CKK framework for the latter assessment stages. Discovery of all security weaknesses are reported with a response improvement plan.

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