NotSoSecure and Claranet

Combining expertise across a broad range of cyber security disciplines.

In July 2018 Claranet acquired NotSoSecure, ethical hacking training and penetration testing experts. In December 2018 we created the global Claranet Cyber Security unit by combining NotSoSecure, UK based Sec-1, with the opening of a new Claranet Security Operations Centre in Portugal. This demonstrates the significant investment and commitment Claranet is putting into the development of a world-leading security services capability.

We hack. We teach.

NotSoSecure has a prominent worldwide reputation, encapsulated by the leading training role it plays at the globally acclaimed Black Hat conferences, plus training partnerships with Checkpoint worldwide and QA in the UK. Specialising in penetration testing for networks, web and mobile applications, they are at the forefront of cybersecurity training and innovation

World class training

The risk of cyber-attacks for organisations around the world has grown exponentially. However, this has not been matched by an increase in training and knowledge and, as a result, there is now a severe global skills shortage in cybersecurity. NotSoSecure offer research lab-based training, written by Black Hat Trainers that is available globally. All courses offer practical advice and experience with tools that enable attendees to become information security experts.

Global presence

Under the new Claranet Cyber Security umbrella, customers will be able to call upon the input of experts across a broad range of cybersecurity disciplines.

We work with a range of internationally-renowned businesses and organisations, Fortune 500 companies and FTSE 250 players. Claranet is focused on growing its US business further and strengthen its presence in this market, as well as expanding its footprint in Australia and Asia.

We are trusted for our research in to the very latest security threats and this knowledge continually informs all our cybersecurity work. What we learn from penetration testing in this field, feeds in to our training and visa versa. It's mutually beneficial.